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ePaper, e-Ink, ...we have for you a display that can replace a paper

Would you like to have a display with zero power consumption in a rest status and with ideal viewing angles?

For those of you, who are not familiar with this type of displays yet, we´ll mention, that it´s a so called electrophoretic display, i.e. Display containing white particles in microcapsules dispersed in a thin layer of a dark high-viscosity liquid. These particles can be moved or turned by a short voltage impulse, what will cause a given pixel to appear as white. Similarly an impulse of a reverse polarity will cause a given pixel to appear as black. High viscosity of a liquid causes that micro particles remain their position practically forever (years).

That means, that this type of displays is also ideal for battery powered devices, as it only needs an electric energy to change a displayed content. A display is reflective, i.e. doesn´t require backlight but for a good legibility at least a low ambient light is necessary. It´s advantageous that the display is easily readable even on a direct sunlight. A charm of ePaper display is also in the fact, that a displayed content is really similar to that sketched/ written on a paper – even as for viewing angles.

To the previous several types we newly added 4 universal graphic ePaper types from company ThingWell:

1,54“ - TINK-EPD154A01 – 200x200px

2,13“ - TINK-EPD213A01 - 250x122px

2,9“ - TINK-EPD29A01 - 296x128 px

4,3“ - TINK-EPD42A03 – 400x300px

All 4 displays are COG (TFT active matrix) with SPI interface. The displays are ultra thin with thickness of only approx. 1,5mm.

As it´s used to say – it´s better to see once, than to to hear x-times. That´s why we bring you several photos how these displays are displaying (still with a cover protective foil). Photos also show the 2,9” display taken from a wide angle that in our opinion illustrate very well how great viewing angles these displays offer. The angles are truly practically maximal possible (± 90°).

In case of interest, please contact us at

Advantages/ Features:

  • e-paper displays with a high contrast
  • display content remains even without a power supply
  • power is only needed for a display content change
  • high contrast, ultra wide viewing angle
  • extra thin (approx. 1.2 mm)
  • operating temperatures range 0...+60°C

Additional products
image type / kind / description Ord.number manufacturer in stock External stock price/pc excl. VAT

E-paper Display Module 1.54" 36,3x31,8x1,05mm

More info: TINK-EPD154A01.pdf

TFT modules



in stock 6 pcs

1 pcs+ 24,7000 €

10 pcs+ 20,9000 €

50 pcs+ 18,2000 €

100 pcs+ 18,0000 €


E-paper Display Module 2.13" 59,2x29,2x1,05mm

More info: TINK-EPD213A01.pdf

TFT modules



in stock 9 pcs

1 pcs+ 21,9585 €

10 pcs+ 18,5724 €

50 pcs+ 16,1098 €

100 pcs+ 15,8019 €


E-paper Display Module 2.9" 79,0x36,7x1,05mm

More info: TINK-EPD29A01-0629.p...

TFT modules



in stock 5 pcs

1 pcs+ 32,9547 €

10 pcs+ 27,9331 €

50 pcs+ 24,3760 €

100 pcs+ 24,2714 €


E-paper Display Module 4.2" 91,0x77,0x1,05mm

More info: TINK-EPD42A03.pdf

TFT modules



in stock 6 pcs

1 pcs+ 77,4175 €

10 pcs+ 64,8633 €

50 pcs+ 62,9802 €

311A-24UAA-R ATTEND 311A-24UAA-R

FPC Connector Horizontal ZIF 24P P0,5mm H2,0mm Upper Contact

More info: 311A-XXUAA-R.pdf

ZIF and NON-ZIF connectors for FFC



in stock 1900 pcs

5 pcs+ 0,4109 €

10 pcs+ 0,3263 €

50 pcs+ 0,2943 €

200 pcs+ 0,2746 €

2000 pcs+ 0,2323 €

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