With the stripping tool Wago Quickstrip you will save 2-times

Everyone who often connects a bigger ammount of wire leads, knows well, how important it is to have a good stripping tool. Wago Quickstrip 10 meets all demands for such a tool.

This is an archive article published 09/28/2011. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

If, after many thousands of usage, the blades will become dull, it is sufficient to exchange them without necessity to buy a new whole tool. Second cost saving is, that it is also possible to buy a blade cassette with "V" blade, suitable mainly for thinner wires with PTFE or similar insulation, thus avoiding a purchase of another specialized tool. Moreover Quickstrip 10 serves also as a wire cutter for wires up to 10 mm2.

Wago Quickstrip 10 are designed in such a way, that you can strip with them wires of various diameters. Before stripping it is only necessary to adjust a desired length of stripped part (up to 18mm) and the laminated, spring loaded blade will automatically fit a wire diameter. After strippping, the insulation is not damaged, that´s why the tool is suitable also for relatively thin wires. The wire holders and the stripping blades will automatically open once the stripping process is completed, with no damage to the wire strands. To reach the best results, it is possible to adjust a blade pressure (+-) according to an insulation thickness. A big advantage of Quickstrip 10 is, that a blade cassette is exchangeable, that´s why when after a time the blade will become dull, it is possible to replace them for a significantly lower price, in comparison to a price of the whole tool.

With defaultly equipped 206-126 blade cassette, can the tool strip wires 0,02-10 mm2. In case, you need to often strip mainly thin wire strands, or thin wires with a tough (PTFE and similar) insulation, the 206-127 cassette with a "V“ blade is the best choice.

With the stripping tool Wago Quickstrip you will save 2-times
With the stripping tool Wago Quickstrip you will save 2-times

First 25 customers, which will buy this tool or replaceable cassettes, will gain as a gift a sample of WAGO TOPJOB®S, no. 2002-1201, push-wire connector no. 2273-203 and a WAGO cup.

All you need to do is to add the code „Wago-gift“ into the note at order.

More about sales condition of special offer can be found in Special offer sales condition.
In case of interest about bigger ammount, we are able to deliver stripping tools as well as replacement blades within 1-2W.

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