speedE - The first manual screwdriver with electric drive

Screw with speed, pull with emotion! If the screwdriver is a key tool for your day-to-day work, with the unique Wiha speedE you can manage everything twice as fast.

This is an archive article published 11/22/2018. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

You can see at first look that Wiha speedE really isn´t just a standard battery-powered screwdriver, but rather it looks like a classic manual (mechanical) screwdriver with typically great ergonomics and small weight.

Today's electric battery-driven screwdrivers often provide even enormous performance - as for speed and torque power and are great for jobs where high performance is needed, for example for wood screws.

But for jobs where you would normally manage with a classic screwdriver, they are often too big, heavy, non-ergonomic and sometimes even risky to use because of the risk of thread damage, especially at the beginning of screwing the screw.

Is Wiha speedE really unique?

At first look, the speedE is a classic manual screwdriver, but it is also insulated and can also be used for work on equipment under voltage.

It contains a sophisticated metal planetary gearbox and a small motor. You can use it for manual screwing as well as the other similar manual screwdrivers.

The difference is, however, that by slightly turning the ring in one direction or the other, the screwdriver extension will start to rotate twice as fast as one would be able to screw by hand. When the screw comes to the end of the threads, the motorized drive stops at a torque limit of 0.4Nm, which was deliberately chosen to protect the plastic parts (plugs, switches,...).

For most applications, 0.4Nm is just as much of the torque that it will not damage the plastic parts yet. In electronics, this torque value is usually quite sufficient since the metric screw goes into the thread usually easily – important is the speed and feel that you have with speedE.

So, if you screw the speedE screw to the stop, then you can tighten it as you wish, without any drive switching (locking). The final tightening is just a minimum of work, since with metric screws it is usually up to ½ turn. For sensitive tightening, the speedE set is also available in a set with one or more extensions with defined torque.

This means that the motorized drive always shuts off when reaching 0.4 Nm and then you can rely on the torque wrench. The torque extensions can be ordered separately, too.

SpeedE is not designed for demanding motorized tightening of self-drilling screws, e.g. into wood, etc. Attached images and video sufficiently illustrate the appeal and genius of work with speedE.

SpeedE will be appreciated mainly by professionals, not only in terms of time savings with 2-times higher performance compared to the work with manual screwdrivers, but also in the form of precisely performed work with minimal error rate. Another big pro is that speedE uses standard Li-lon batteries of size 18650.

Get 20 Euro back for purchasing speedE!

If you buy any set of speedE from 22.11.2018 to 31.12.2018, you will get 20 Euro back from the manufacturer. Just register your speedE at my.wiha.com

SpeedE is available in three sets according to the type and amount of accessory equipment. Two versions can be found in our standard stock supply.

If you need more information or you are interested in other WIHA products, we would be happy to advise you at info@soselectronic.com

Features / Advantages:

  • motorized “manual” screwdriver for fast and sensitive jobs
  • as a result, it brings about approx. 2-times more efficient work
  • idle speed approx. 215 / min
  • minimum weight compared to standard battery-powered screwdrivers
  • weight only 127g + 35g battery
  • VDE certified for work up to 1000V
  • uses Wiha slim bit insulated extensions
  • excellent ergonomics - as if you worked with a manual screwdriver
  • Minimal risk of thread damage at start of screwing
  • up to 800 screws per 1 charge
  • integrated LED light
  • uses standard Li-Ion batteries of size 18650
  • can endure also rough handling, tested for the fall from a height of up to 2m
  • supplied in a quality and practical case
  • suitable for many industrial segments


Wiha speedE® - For all those who provide service and maintenance, for all those who work on live parts, for versatile use in trade and households. Wherever you use it, speedE® will prove to be the ideal tool for virtually every screw-fastening task. Drive with speed, fix with feeling!

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