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Pizza Workshop – Linux system quickly and easily

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Pizza Workshop – Linux system quickly and easily

 Beta Control s.r.o., Černého 829/58, 635 00, Brno-Bystrc

Term: 2013.05.22 08:30 - 16:30

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We are sorry but the workshop capacity has been filled. If you are interested in this workshop email us and reserve your place for next Pizza workshops.

From the single-chip microprocessors to embedded devices with operating system.
Workshop is dedicated to developers that are forced to move with their applications from the field of single-chip microprocessors to the field of embedded devices with operating system. This shift is determined by the requirements for higher computing power, support for standard network services and protocols, inevitability to link the graphical display including support for high-quality graphics, etc.

Start programming with Linux
Pizzaworkshop requires minimal or no knowledge of embedded systems and Linux. The fact that the transition to the operating system is nothing problematic will be demonstrated on development kits of minicomputers of Voipac company with Freescale i.MX25 processor. Programming part will be based on SDK_iMX25_Qt which includes ARCH Linux distribution and graphic development environment Qt.

Develop your own applications without having to study the operating system
Participants of this workshop have the opportunity to start to create and test own application on the kit attached immediately after installing SDK and without having to study the operating system. Whole development of application will run on PC with Windows XP or Windows 7 operating systems.

Workshop program
  • installation of SDK to PC
  • installation of SDK to development kit
  • drawing up and testing of the first graphic application
  • how Linux works
  • structure of ARCH Linux distribution
  • packet system
  • configuration of services in ARCH Linux
  • illustration of launching FTP server
  • illustration of launching the HTTP server service
i.MX25 Kit Max (X25-DKT-265)
Workshop requirements
  • Notebook
    • Windows XP SP2 or Windows 7
    • min. 2GB RAM
    • min. 10GB free hard disk space
    • serial interface or converter USB/RS232
  • Warning
    Development kit with i.MX25 Development kit Max display, P/N: X25-DKT-265 and EDT TFT display set, P/N: X53-TFT-000 will be provided to participants of the workshop directly on the spot.

    The price for workshop is 35€ without VAT or 700 points from PREMIUM loyalty program.

    Participants of this workshop will have the opportunity to order this development kit with display during workshop for a 30% discount price.
    How does it look like at the Pizza Workshop
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