KINGBRIGHT is a worldwide leading manufacturer of LED for over 30 years. Kingbright has been supplying a large number of well-known clients all over the world with high quality LED products, technical innovations and support. Kingbright’s production facilities are equipped with the cutting edge manufacturing equipment offering a high production capacity.

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Do you also use indication LEDs? Consult it with us

All necessary can be usually found in datasheets. However if you choose a LED for a bigger project, it´s often better to check it twice ...

We have for you LED thinner than a solder drop

Only 0.5 mm thick (or thin) SMD LED Kungbright KPHCM-2012 can be placed practically everywhere, without increasing an overall PCB thickness.

We got light on luminance of universal LEDs

One example for all - we compared super bright red LED Kingbright SR-J4 with a standard type of the same producer.

Save 90% of LED power consumption with new types from company Kingbright

20mA or 2mA? Yes, this can significantly influence an overall power consumption of a device or a hold-off when operated from batteries.

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  • a worldwide leading manufacturer of LED for over 30 years
  • well proven reliable LEDs for industrial applications
  • extensive line of LEDs in all kinds of packages
Did you know?

Experience and production capacity enables the company to offer short leadtimes even on high volume requirements and bespoke customer developments. All Kingbright products are RoHS Compliant and made in accordance with current quality and environmental guidelines.



in stock 1295 pcs


LED diodes standard

LED diode SMD 0603 350mcd 624nm reddish-orange

Ord.number: 138014
Product info: A


20 pcs+ 0,1270 €

40 pcs+ 0,1230 €

50 pcs+ 0,1220 €

200 pcs+ 0,1110 €

2000 pcs+ 0,0940 €

in stock 1470 pcs

KP-2012 MGC

LED diodes standard

LED 0805x1,1 SMD 70mcd 120° yellowish-green

Ord.number: 72204
Product info: A


10 pcs+ 0,1990 €

20 pcs+ 0,1610 €

100 pcs+ 0,1460 €

1000 pcs+ 0,1230 €

2000 pcs+ 0,1190 €

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