FIS Inc. is a Japanese company established in November 20, 1992. They are focused on gas sensor development and manufacturing. Strong R&D department with 28 researchers/developers and a team of 30 production technology/quality specialists is a guarantee of continuous innovations and the best quality. FIS production capacity is 12 million sensors per year.
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  • years of experience with gas sensors
  • top manufacturing technology, many of the machines have been developed and built by themselves
  • specialists on metal oxide semi-conductor gas sensors
  • continuous innovations towards the ultra low power gas sensors
Did you know?
Gas sensors are also based on different technologies such as catalytic combustion, electro-chemical infra red absorption (NDIR). However, metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) sensors excel in sensitivity, response time, long-term stability, cost and integrity. The disadvantage is lower selectivity. It means that the sensor is most sensitive to target gas but it also has some degree of sensitivity to other gases.
FIS also provides ozone sensor based on MOS technology as the only manufacturer in the world. Although FIS is a specialist in MOS gas sensors, it also manufactures catalytic combustion sensor for hydrogen leak detector which is used in Toyota fuel cell vehicle Mirai.
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