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Manufacturer WIHA
WIHA, with headquarter in Schonach/ Germany, is one of the world leading manufacturers for hand tools for professional industrial use. With currently over 650 employees, Wiha manufactures more than 3500 premium tools.
  • wide range of top quality hand tools
  • excellent ergonomics
  • range of antistatic tools
Did you know?
For the past 70 years the name of Wiha has stood for innovative tools of the highest quality with screwdrivers, torque tools, L-keys, bits, softhead hammers, pliers, crimping pliers, measuring tools and articulated hoses. A host of awards underlines the setting of standards in terms of functionality and design.
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Try “PlusMinus” - an ideal screwdriver for circuit breakers and terminals WIHA

Try “PlusMinus” - an ideal screwdriver for circuit breakers and terminals

Special screwdriver, which is neither slotted, nor Phillips type, but it combines the best of them both. And that's really a big PLUS.

speedE -  The first manual screwdriver with electric drive WIHA

speedE - The first manual screwdriver with electric drive

Screw with speed, pull with emotion! If the screwdriver is a key tool for your day-to-day work, with the unique Wiha speedE you can manage everything twice as fast.


Tools set in a softbag? It´s simply “chic”

If you belong to those, who like order and also afford to youself a little bit of pleasure a delight at work, then the Wiha 9300-018 set is intended right for you.


Turn with it with a minimum effort

Wiha Proturn® screwdrivers enable a comfortable work, even in case you need to gain a high torque.

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