Australian company 4D SYSTEMS specializes in graphic solutions for universal usage, as well as in special customized solutions. A common feature of 4D Systems graphic solutions is their versatility, easy programming and in a respectable rate also a mutual compatibility.

Manufacturer's articles

gen4 displays from company 4D Systems bring several improvements

Fourth generation of displays will probably make designers and producers of electronics happy thanks to easier usage, availability of several versions and also thanks to a lower price.

Do you need a „Raspberry Pi“ with a display? Try Armadillo 43T

Armadillo 43T integrates a 4.3" TFT display, resistive touch panel and a single board computer with Linux OS into one compact unit.

High quality bezel will provide professional look to your displays

If a production of a professional bezel is over above your possibilities, leave it to us.

Add the 4-th dimension to your Raspberry Pi

New 3,2“ and 3,5“ displays from company 4D Systems intended for Raspberry Pi are able to make a complete standalone system from this microcomputer.

SOS cinema

PICASO-GFX2, A revolution in embedded Graphics Processing

Uploaded on server: 19.10.2011

SOS cinema

4D Systems_GPS_Project

Uploaded on server: 19.10.2011

SOS cinema

4D Systems - 4D ViSi

Uploaded on server: 29.11.2011

SOS cinema

4D ViSi

Uploaded on server: 20.12.2011

SOS cinema

SOS electronic PizzaWorkshop - 4D systems

Uploaded on server: 04.10.2012

SOS cinema

uLCD43(GFX) Running 4D-ViSi QWERTY Keypad

Uploaded on server: 16.11.2012

SOS cinema

4D Workshop4 IDE

Uploaded on server: 18.02.2013

SOS cinema

SOS webinar - How to program graphics of 4D Systems displays in just a few minutes

Uploaded on server: 14.06.2013

SOS cinema

SOS webinar: Discover performance of user-friendly graphic processor Diablo 16

Uploaded on server: 03.06.2014

SOS cinema

4D Systems 4DPi-35 - 3.5" Primary Display for Raspberry Pi

Uploaded on server: 19.08.2014

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  • complete powerful graphic modules with LCD or OLED
  • usable as stand-alone or as slave modules
  • user-friendly 4DGL programming language
  • the same program can be used on various modules
  • large development support
  • excellent price/ performance ratio
Did you know?

Among main products of company 4D Systems belong two graphic chips and complete graphic LCD and OLED modules based on these chips. Further in the range of products you can find programming adapters, graphic interfaces, displays, development kits, USB to serial programming converters, serial interface cameras, GPS module and other.



in stock 4 pcs


Accessories for Embedded Systems

Primary Display 3,5” 480x320, TP for the Raspberry Pi A, B, A+, B+, 2B

Ord.number: 171655
Product info: A


1 pcs+ 69,1632 €

5 pcs+ 63,8974 €

25 pcs+ 56,1001 €

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ICs interface

Embedded Serial Graphics Controller QFN28

Ord.number: 115785
Product info: A


1 pcs+ 7,1976 €

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