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EA PlugL – OLED Display with USB and Touch Panel

Industrial OLED

The new OLED from Electronic Assembly offers, besides usual RS232, I2C and SPI protocols, also a convenient and full-featured USB interface.

The new EA Plug family of OLED displays represents touch-sensitive OLED display that can be addressed directly via USB. USB communication is especially convenient for development and debugging, but it can also be used as a main communication channel in a final application.

However, you´ll probably rather use RS232 (or also RS485, RS422 with an external level converter), SPI or I2C in final application. The EA Plug family comes with a nice and robust glass panel with a black frame (á la tablet) so the installation is very easy by gluing the display on a main panel without any need for additional frames, cover glasses and similar.

The display is extremely easy to read. It is protected by a robust, touch-sensitive glass panel. Various graphic functions and character sets with German diacritics are already implemented. Thanks to various digital inputs and outputs, the display can take over small control tasks independently.

Widely known advantages of OLED technology probably don´t need to be highlighted and you can find them well arranged for example in our article EA OLEDL128 – OLED alternative to EA DOG displays

How does it all function?
All serial interfaces (USB, RS 232, SPI, I2C) are protocol-equivalent and the data sent is stored in the same buffer. After you connect the EA Plug through USB to a PC (use the driver available at manufacturer website), you´ll find a CDC USB device (communication device class), in other words a virtual COM port.
USB port is intended for a full-featured control of the display (not only for communication with a touch panel).

The display has two internal “layers” – Terminal layer and Graphic layer. Terminal layer is mainly intended for first steps and debugging.

Version with screw terminals
In the Z version (EA PLUGL128-6GTCZ), the OLED display also features twelve screw terminals. External sensors or detectors can thus be connected easily and reliably. Two analog inputs enable voltage measurement up to 3.3V with direct display indication.

Possible applications include home automation and the upgrade of applications with text displays, as well as the control of smaller equipment.

2.9” EA PLUGL128 is a hot novelty and is the first member of the new display family EA PLUGxxx. 1.7" EA PlugS and 2.2" EA PlugM displays will soon be available too.

The first available version of EA PlugL128-6GTC (128x64px) is among our stock items. We will add additional versions gradually, depending on their availability on the market.

For further information about Electronic Assembly products, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Advantages/ Features

  • 2,9” OLED with a capacitive TP
  • Control by commands
  • USB port for a full-featured communication with the display (not only for TP)
  • Single 3.3V power supply
  • Graphic functions
  • Extremely wide viewing angle
  • Digital I/O ports
  • Installation by simple gluing on a main panel

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