Main advantages of the Hammond PJU series enclosures:

  • Durable material – type GRP, 
  • IP66 protection (UL/CSA Type 4X),
  • wide range of options for configurations and accessories, 
  • suitable for applications with wireless communication technologies, 
  • lower price than the stainless-steel alternative. 

High durability and stability of the material

"The PJU series of enclosures from the Canadian company Hammond is one of the many alternatives that the manufacturer offers in this area. These boxes, or we can already say cabinets, made of Fiberglass reinforced polyester (GRP) are characterized by very high mechanical and chemical resistance," says Martin Brestovič, product specialist from SOS electronic, about a new series of enclosures in our range.

With IP66 protection, the enclosures provide excellent insulation and protection where the equipment may be exposed to rain or installed in a very humid, high temperature or highly corrosive environment.

Tailor-made configuration and rich accessories

 The PJU series of enclosures has a wide range of configurations exactly according to customer needs. Standard versions include a selection of either mounting flanges or feet, hinged or removable clear or solid covers as well as several types of latches. 

The accessories also include mounting kits that easily and securely attach the enclosures to round poles with a diameter of up to 375 mm, as well as to square and rectangular pole shapes.

More information on the PJU series (PJUF, PJUHF, PJUTF) can be found in the documents in pdf format or in the following table: (Dimensions are in mm.)

Hammond PJU: Durable Enclosures Suitable for Demanding Conditions and Exterior.


 Thanks to the non-metallic material, the Hammond PJU series of enclosures are suitable for devices using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or other wireless communication technologies, as the antennas can be mounted in the enclosure without signal attenuation.  

Among other things, the enclosures of this series are also an ideal solution for solar and wind power stations, as distribution boxes for water treatment and pumping equipment or as junction boxes for many other industrial purposes in demanding environments or outdoors, e.g., mounting on poles.


You will find selected Hammond PJU series of enclosures in our range available directly from our warehouse. We will be happy to provide you with all other types directly from the manufacturer upon request. 

You can find more information about Hammond products on our website or do not hesitate to contact us at sales@soselectronic.com. We will be happy to advise you.