Since its appearance on the market, the miniature computer Raspberry Pi („RPi“) with OS Linux, available for (before) unseen price, caused a small “revolution” as well as “boom“ on the market with similar microcomputers. Ever since, several versions of RPis are available and it´s obvious that many RPi users don´t get satisfied only with a bare board but they want to get their RPi into a decent enclosure – from aesthetical and practical reasons.

There are several types of suitable RPi enclosures of various shapes and quality on the market. We´re glad to be able to offer you 1593HAMPI3 enclosure of high quality from well-known Canadian producer called Hammond, which is elaborated into smallest details. 1593HAMPI3 is suitable for Raspberry Pi B+, Pi2 model B and Pi3 model B.

1593HAMPI3 is available in 4 versions:

- black (1593HAMPI3BK),
- grey (1593HAMPI3GY),
- translucent (1593HAMPI3CLR) and
- translucent blue (1593HAMPI3TBU).

Designers also thought of the possibility of wall mount and naturally, camera usage – inner camera mount or external camera mount.

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