Access SOS electronic via REST API interface

We bring you the possibility of automated communication without human intervention. We will provide you not only detailed data about the goods, but also information about your orders and invoices. Request API access and REST API technology will take care of the rest.

You can use API (Application programming interface) to communicate with us automatically.

The software on your side communicates with the software on our side. This way we can provide you with, e.g. data about the goods, their price and the number of pieces we have in stock.

Communication is made using the HTTP protocol, it is secured by an SSL certificate, and the data in requests as well as in responses are sold in JSON format.

More information about API can be found, e.g. on the Wikipedia page.

What can our API do?

We have a functional first, the so-called beta version of the API. There are several basic features already available.

  1. Product search in the SOS electronic database 
  2. Detailed information about goods
  3. List of your open orders
  4. List of invoices

Before the actual call, user authentication is required. It is carried out using the OAuth2 protocol.

We have the documentation for programmers ready in the English language, and it is available at

The most frequently used API method is to search for goods in the database. The attached image shows the output of our API. This is the information about the goods you will receive.

How to request access to API?

It is very simple. Request access details from our salesman with whom you communicate. You can find his name, e.g. even after logging in to the e-shop at the top right of the screen.

We will then create a login name + password for you and send them to you along with instructions on how to start automated communication. And REST API technology will take care of everything else.

We will be happy to respond to your comments and suggestions at

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