Get to know the world of technology at the DEBATECH 2022 conference

We cordially invite you to the professional conference DEBATECH, where you will have a chance to learn about technical, professional and especially current information from the world of technology.

Already on October 11, 2022 at 9 a.m., SOS electronic is organizing the DEBATECH online conference, which can become a new source of current information for you as well. If you are looking for new technological trends and are interested in how theories are translated into practice, this conference will certainly interest you. The guests of the conference are personalities and companies from the development, commercial and academic electrotechnical field.


At the DEBATECH 2022 international conference, you will have the opportunity to listen to the contributions of speakers from various European countries, such as Switzerland, Hungary, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The common language of the conference is English.

Get to know the world of technology at the DEBATECH 2022 conference

 Topics of Conference


  • Are you thinking about buying an electric car, but the problem with the power supply is holding you back? (Heliodor Macko, Renewable power sources for EV charging and e-mobility: opportunities and outlook).

  • Come and see how to save energy by measuring correctly. (Peter Feciľak, MeriTO – Measurement, and Analysis of Consumption in Real-Time)

  • What are the advantages of LPWAN, NB-IoT and LTE-M technologies based on 4.5G to 5G mobile networks? And what are their limitations? (Péter Bátorfi, IoT Explosion – NB-IoT and LTE-M technologies in practice)

  • Find out why it is recommended to measure and test air purity using sensors and, above all, how to do it simply and clearly. (Antonio Rubino and Marco Gysel, Get the full Air Quality Picture with a Single Sensor Solution)

  • What all must be taken into account with chips in air transport? (Michal Sojka, Software-based methods for peak temperature reduction of modern multi-core chips in safety-critical applications)

  • For those who are just learning how to take their first steps with machine vision and are new to the topic of deep learning, we will advise you how to accelerate your robotics development with solution kits for autonomous mobile robots. (Owen Wei and Daniele Cleri, How to Expedite Robotics Development)

  • What are the limitations of individual energy sources and how to minimize power losses? (Igor Ginzburg and Mark Schoppel, What limits every power supply?)

  • The industrial design of products is a dominant element that contributes to increasing the success of products. How does product design evolve? How do designers collaborate with other engineers during the development process? (Bystrík Míček, The development of industrial design and its impact on the product and the brand)

  • IoT Edges, networking, data collection - very current topics, but how do they work in practice? Roberto Moledo from Lantronix has prepared concrete examples from the life of companies and hotels that have introduced these technologies into their normal work activities. View the presentation Today’s Solutions for Tomorrow’s IoT Challenges – Lantronix.

Book your place and on October 11, 2022 at 9:00 a.m. be our guest.

We organize the DEBATECH conference regularly every year. The speakers of the conference are personalities or companies whose technology or way of working is interesting and exceptional. 

If you like the idea of the conference and would like to show your own revolutionary technological innovation, please contact us at or fill out the following form.
We will be very happy to welcome you to the DEBATECH group of speakers, visionaries or partners in 2023.

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