Our workshop "Test the LTE CAT M1 among the first" was designed for those who are interested in new LPWA technologies of data transfer in LTE network.

Mobile operators are flexibly launching the LTE Cat M1 network. Check with your mobile operator what part of the country is already covered to take advantage of this network.

Compared to NB-IoT, Cat M1 standard has a higher transfer rate (up to 1Mb/s) and supports Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) applications. It is also suitable for mobile and movable applications (e.g. telematics, fleet management).

The workshops included presentations about mobile coverage, suitable antennas for individual projects, as well as the latest development kits and modules from Quectel.

However, the workshop in SOS electronic is still about practical training. This time it was about trying out the Quectel modules, seeing them working in practice, and testing the mobile network connection. We used Quectel products, BG96MATEA module and UMTS LTE EVB KIT development board. The necessary SIM cards for the network were provided by operators. 

Our workshops are a launching pad for participants and for their further independent development.