Traco Power offers a large range of fully encapsulated power modules with more than 200 standard models. They are available for PCB mount, chassis mount with screw terminal block or blade connector, or with flying leads for installation into standard flush boxes.

Power supplies are the most stressed parts of electronic devices. They must withstand wide temperature ranges, and because they also generate heat by converting input energy to output power, high efficiency is a crucial parameter for every such power supply.

TMPS10 - Ultra Compact Power Solution for IoT Devices
The TMPS 10  series comprises ultra compact AC/DC power supply modules in a lightweight, fully encapsulated plastic casing for PCB mount.

Besides the latest safety approvals for industrial and IT solutions (IEC/EN/UL 62368-1), they are also certified as per IEC/EN 60335-1 for household appliances.

These 10 Watt modules are ideal for low power or segregated circuits when space is critical or for an efficient powering of a standby mode when compliance to the ErP directive is required.

The TMPS series offers 3 W and 5 W TMPS03, and TMPS05 power supplies are, along with the 10 W version of the TMPS10,  available in our assortment upon request.

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