TFT display Winstar WF50B with HDMI interface can be connected to (almost) anything

New HDMI-interface display can be easily connected to Raspberry Pi or other mini computers.

HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) can be nowadays found on the output of every PC and mainly – also on the output of several industrial mini PC and embedded systems.

Display can be usually connected to a small SBC (single board computer) in various ways, but why not use the simplest one? SBCs with Android OS usually contain HW and SW resources to make a display connected through HDMI work by the Plug´n´Play method.

From this point of view, it´s only gratifying that the display producers’ offer is getting better in this field as shown by the new display WF50B from company Winstar. It is a 5“ display with HDMI interface (TFP401 controller), decent 800x480 px resolution and a resistive touch panel (with USB interface). Version with a capacitive touch panel is in development.

The display WF50BTIFGDHTX has a 40-pin connector (header), HDMI connector and it´s also possible to buy optional HDMI connector WWHDMI-00# for a direct connection to Raspberry Pi.
The good news is also the fact that Winstar will soon release other types of bigger displays (7“ and 10,1“) with HDMI interface.

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Advantages / Features:

  • 5“ display with HDMI interface
  • easily connectable to Raspberry Pi
  • with a mini PC, it can function as a monitor
  • resolution of 800x480 px
  • operating temperatures range 0 ... +70´C
  • resistive TP with USB interface
  • resistive TP with USB interface

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TFT-LCD 5" module 800x480 24Bit RGB + RTP HDMI

More info: WF50BTIFGDHTX#.pdf

TFT modules



in stock 6 pcs
(06.10.2017: 30 pcs)

1 pcs+ 49,80 €

10 pcs+ 42,20 €

100 pcs+ 37,60 €


TFT-LCD 5" module 800x480 24Bit RGB + RTP HDMI

TFT modules

Ord. No.: 236045
Manufacturer: WINSTAR
in stock 6 pcs
(06.10.2017: 30 pcs)
1 pcs+
10 pcs+
100 pcs+
49,80 €
42,20 €
37,60 €
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