Electrical properties, package, pinout, price, availability/ delivery terms, all these are probably the most frequent criteria which a designer usually considers when deciding whether to use a given component. Furthermore, it is often convenient, if the given component is universal in some degree, perspective usable even in your future applications.
Relay Finder 36.11 series is a truly universal relay from more reasons: small dimensions, increased sensitivity, relatively high switching current and a wide operating temperatures range (-40 to +85° C). Beneficial are also environmentally friendly cadmium-free contacts and the RTIII protection, i.e. wash-tight. 2 versions are available – single throw (SPST-NO) and double throw (SPDT-CO). From 7 modifications with 3 to 48VDC coils, it´s easy to choose the right type for your application. An important argument to choose the 36 series is also a relatively very competitive price and a stable availability directly from our stock..
Detailed information will provide you the Finder 36 datasheet.

In case of interest, please contact us at info@soselectronic.com.

Sweeten your product with the Finder 36 series relay