Small signal relay AxW-K won´t refuse any signal

0.01mA, 10mV but even 2A are no problem for the AxW-K series Fujitsu relay. That´s why they´re a reliable component for a linear-undistorted transfer of diverse signals.
This is an archive article published 11/02/2012. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

AxW-K relay series are well-proven 2-pole relays (DPDT) reliable switching even very small signals, already from 0,01mA/10mV DC, but they won´t be scared of 1A/30VDC (0,5A/125VAC). Reliable switching is ensured by bifurcated silver-based contacts plated by gold. As, circuits for signal processing usually consist of SMD components, neither a relay intended for such applications shoudn´t be too high. With the height of only 5 mm, AxW-K relay series meet this requirement very well and a standard DIL pitch makes their usage and PCB design easier at the same time.

In the AxW-K series can be found several types - with 1.5V - 48V coils, and also bistable (latching) types (with 1 or 2 coils). Types A3W,A5W,AL-D5W-K,A12W and A24W are kept in stock, other types we´re able to provide you upon order. Further features of the AxW-K series relays result from their construction as a classic electromagnetic relay - high isolation, galvanic isolation from a control circuit, ability to transfer small signals without distortion, resistance to various surges and other. Besides telecommunication circuits, AxW-K series relays are ideal for switching of signals from a wide range of industrial detectors and sensors, audio devices and other.

Detailed information will provide you the Fujitsu AxW-K datasheet. In case of interest in any Fujitsu relay, please contact us at

Small signal relay AxW-K won´t refuse any signal

ADvantages / Features:

  • 2A signal relay DPDT (2CO)
  • able to switch even very small signals, from 0,01mA/10mV
  • very low profile - 5 mm
  • low coil consumption cievky - 140 mW (typ.)
  • bifurcated contacts for a higher reliability
  • silver-based gold-plated contacts
  • latching versions also available
  • self-extinguishing package material (UL94V-0)
  • wide operating range (voltage and temperature)

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