Today's modern car is full of electronics. And it's not just audio and navigation. The door opens itself, the windows themselves move, the mirrors are adjusted, the seats are moving, and the telescopic antenna extends and retracts (or not yet?). Many of these features work with relays. And when cars are expected to work both in the frost and in the heat, even on the highway and on the broken side road, the same demands are placed on the components used, including the relay.

For the Japanese manufacturer, Fujitsu, the automotive relays have been equivalent products to other relay groups from the beginning, and therefore their quality benefits from all relay experiences.

The relay FBR51ND12-W1 is one of the bestsellers in our range. The vast amount of sold evidence suggests that it is a reliable element, suitable for many automotive applications. But its use is not limited to this area. It is good to switch large currents in small dimensions anywhere. In addition, when the relay is vibration-resistant and has a wide range of operating temperatures, it finds application in various industries.

FBR51ND12-W1 is a compact single-pole relay with changeover contact and 12Vdc coil. With its dimension, only 15.5x12.1x13.7mm can switch up to 35A. The surface material of contacts is AgSnO2In2O3, which seems to be the best replacement of non-enviromental-friendly AgCdO. Relay is designed for switching loads (motorcycles, bulbs, and others) at 14Vdc. And it can do it at least 10 million times. It has terminals designed for PCB.

The FBR51ND12-W1 is our standard stock type.

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