True green - the greenish green!

L-7113 is a high brightness serie of LED from Kingbright - a professional supplier of light emitting diodes (LEDs) and related products worldwide. This new serie is made with AlGaNP chips with high efficiency. They reach much higher luminous intensity at equal current than up to now used common chips.
This is an archive article published 02/12/2009. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

The LED diode L-7113VGC-E true green (pure green) is known as the "real" green.
Comparing to common green (or yellow-green) is L-7113VGC-E much more brighter and evident green LED.

  • decorative indoor lighting
  • different marketing lighting
  • road signalling – traffic lights, car parks
  • signalling in industry
  • gaming machines
  • displays a.o.
  • LEDs in L-7113 Serie are available in following colours:

  • green L-7113VGC-E
  • blue L-7113PBC-Z
  • red L-7113SEC-H
  • yellow L-7113SYC-J2
  • turquoise green L-7113TGC
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    Additional products

    L-7113 VGC-E

    LED 5mm Green 525nm 3000mcd/20mA 20°

    Standard LEDs

    Ord. No.: 12161
    Manufacturer: KINGBRIGHT
    No longer available

    L-7113 SYC-J2 KINGBRIGHT  
    L-7113 SYC-J2

    LED 5mm Yellow 589nm 3800mcd/20mA 20°

    Standard LEDs

    Ord. No.: 64221
    Manufacturer: KINGBRIGHT
    No longer available

    L-7113 SEC-H

    LED 5mm Orange 630nm 10000mcd/20mA 20°

    Standard LEDs

    Ord. No.: 12163
    Manufacturer: KINGBRIGHT
    No longer available
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