This page includes:

  • list of goods sorted by order date
  • the agreed price, the quantity ordered and the current status in our warehouse
  • the agreed delivery date, this is mainly used for orders planned for a specific term
  • if the goods are on our way, you can see the planned delivery date to our warehouse

The list can be sorted by various criteria, such as:

  1. by name of goods - if you have ordered the goods several times, you will see them together
  2. depending on the status of our warehouse – the goods that we can ship immediately to you are listed together
  3. by delivery date - in case you need to have a better overview of terms and see if something is late

And if you are impatiently waiting for some goods, you can set up a Watchdog - we will send you a notification email when the goods arrive in our warehouse.

We believe that this enhancement will make your work even more enjoyable. We will be happy to answer to your comments and suggestions at