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High-speed SparkLAN Wi-Fi modules with great potential in wireless communication are now available in our assortment. They can be easily integrated into laptops, mini PCs, and industrial machines. Check out the latest additions to our range of communication modules. (reading for 5 minutes)


In the ever-evolving world of wireless technologies, connectivity is key. Whether you're at home, in the office, an industrial facility, or on the go, reliable and high-speed Wi-Fi connection is essential. 

SparkLAN – manufacturer of Wi-Fi modules in SOS electronic’s portfolio 

We have enriched our products’ portfolio by new items from a new supplier, the manufacturer of high-speed Wi-Fi modules, SparkLAN. Since 2002, it has been one of the leading global providers of solutions for wireless networks and IP surveillance, offering a comprehensive range of products for various applications in the broadband communication market. 

"The manufacturer specializes in designing and manufacturing wireless modules, and its portfolio includes formats such as mini PCIe, M.2, USB, SIP, and SDIO. It also produces modules for industrial purposes that meet high-quality standards," says Pavel Kováč, a product specialist at SOS electronic.

Even the latest generations of Wi-Fi technologies, such as Wi-Fi 6/6e and Wi-Fi 7, use SparkLAN Wi-Fi modules, which are compatible with various types of antennas and cables to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. To use SparkLAN Wi-Fi modules, you need to download the driver for the operating system from the manufacturer's website according to the type of chipset used.

Key features of SparkLAN Wi-Fi modules 

  • Dual-band support: Wireless modules support both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, providing flexibility for various network needs. The 2.4 GHz band offers better coverage and compatibility with older devices, while the 5 GHz band provides higher speeds and reduces interference.
  • High-speed connectivity: With support for the latest Wi-Fi standards including 802.11ac and 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6), these modules offer blazing-fast speeds, making them ideal for applications requiring high data throughput such as online gaming, 4K video streaming, and large file transfers.
  • MIMO technology (Multiple Input Multiple Output): This technology increases signal strength and coverage, ensuring stable and reliable connections even in challenging environments.
  • Advanced security: Wi-Fi modules SparkLAN are equipped with WPA3 encryption and other security features that protect the network from threats and unauthorized access.
  • Compact design: Thanks to the mPCIe and M.2 formats, these modules can be easily integrated into a wide range of devices, making them suitable for both consumer and industrial applications.

SparkLAN Wi-Fi modules are suitable for various applications

  • Laptop upgrades: Expanding wireless capabilities for laptops and utilizing faster and more reliable Wi-Fi connections.
  • Mini PC: SparkLAN Mini PCIe modules are ideal for adding Wi-Fi connectivity to these devices without the need for external dongles.
  • Industrial machines: SparkLAN Wi-Fi modules provide a reliable solution in industrial machines where wireless connectivity is crucial for monitoring and control systems.
  • Gaming rigs: Gamers can make use of the high-speed features of these Wi-Fi modules for lag-free online gaming.
  • Home automation: Home automation enthusiasts can use these modules for seamless connection of IoT devices to their home network. 

SparkLAN brings innovative solutions in the field of communication modules that meet the demanding requirements for wireless communication. Of particular interest is the series of mini PCIe Wi-Fi modules (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express), a range of compact and powerful wireless modules designed to enhance connectivity in various applications.

WiFi modules
WiFi Module 802.11ac/a/b/g/n Dual-Band 2T2R, (WiFi 5)+BT 5.0 Combo, M.2 2230 (A-E KEY), Qualcomm Atheros QCA6174A-5, 30,00x22,00x2,15mm
Ord.number: 400863
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"In addition to Wi-Fi modules in the mPCIe and M.2 formats, we have also added modules with additional interfaces and various form factor designs to our range of communication modules. Of course, we also offer a wide range of antenna accessories, as well as RF cables (pigtail) for modules with MHF4 connectors," adds Pavel Kováč in conclusion.

SparkLAN Wi-Fi modules are also well-suited for use in AAEON industrial computers for local communication within Wi-Fi network coverage, such as in industrial halls, offices, and other indoor environments. It is also a cost-effective solution if communication beyond the Wi-Fi access point is not required.

Selected SparkLAN Wi-Fi modules can be found in our assortment as stocked products immediately available for your projects. We are happy to provide you with other types of modules upon request under favorable conditions directly from the manufacturer.

Are you interested in more information about SparkLAN products or technical advice when choosing a product? Or do you have any other questions or requests? Please fill out the following form, and we will be happy to assist you.

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WNFQ-258ACN(BT) new

WiFi Module 802.11ac/a/b/g/n Dual-Band 2T2R, (WiFi 5)+BT 5.0 Combo, M.2 2230 (A-E KEY), Qualcomm Atheros QCA6174A-5, 30,00x22,00x2,15mm

WiFi modules

Ord. No.: 400863
Manufacturer: SPARKLAN
in stock 6 pcs
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WPET-239ACN(BT) new

Half Mini PCIe Module (WiFi 5) 802.11ac/a/g/b/n w/ BT4.2 Realtek RTL8822CU-CG, 2T2R, USB

WiFi modules

Ord. No.: 398264
Manufacturer: SPARKLAN
in stock 20 pcs
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WPEQ-261ACN(BT) new

WiFi Module 802.11ac/a/b/g/n Dual-Band 2T2R, (WiFi 5)+BT 4.2 Combo, Half mini PCIe, Qualcomm QCA6174A-5, 30,00x26,80x2,50mm

WiFi modules

Ord. No.: 400860
Manufacturer: SPARKLAN
in stock 10 pcs
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WPEQ-261ACNI(BT) new

WiFi Module 802.11ac/a/b/g/n Dual-Band 2T2R, (WiFi 5)+BT 5.0 Combo, Half mini PCIe, Qualcomm QCA6174A, 29,85x26,65x2,65mm

WiFi modules

Ord. No.: 400851
Manufacturer: SPARKLAN
in stock 10 pcs
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WPET-236ACN(BT) new

WiFi Module 802.11ac/a/b/g/n, 2T2R, (WiFi 5)+BT 4.2 Combo, Half mini PCIe, Realtek RTL8822BU-CG, 29,90x26,60x2,80mm

WiFi modules

Ord. No.: 398265
Manufacturer: SPARKLAN
in stock 16 pcs
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HMCE-101 (with 2 screws) SPARKLAN  
HMCE-101 (with 2 screws) new

Mini PCIe half-size to full-size extender

WiFi modules

Ord. No.: 402490
Manufacturer: SPARKLAN
in stock 48 pcs
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