Perhaps the biggest advantage of Wago 233 terminal blocks is saving of space and a simple installation of wire leads. Pin spacing is only 2.5 mm and a simple pushing of a plastic lever is all that is necessary to insert of a lead. This way of installation is very simple and intuitive. That´s why the Wago terminal blocks are very suitable even for products, where a user himself must connect leads, for example various security devices, controlling units etc. Usable are leads with a 0,08-0,5 mm2 cross section. Recently we enhanced our stock with next types, that´s why you can now choose from 5 types – 2, 3, 4, 5 a 12-pole. Upon order, we´re able to deliver you even other versions and also models in an orange color (with 2.54 mm pin spacing). Detailed information will provide you the Wago 233-203 datasheet.

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