KONTAKT CHEMIE a brand of CRC Industries, produces specialized chemicals for electronics. Kontakt Chemie products are made of highly clean substancies and sprays feature a high active substance content.

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Freeze 75 – and you have a temperature under control

Freeze 75 spray will enable you to find faulty component or also to protect components from overheating during soldering.

Are you using really effective and efficient sprays in production and service?

Make your job easier with top-class sprays with high purity and yield. Suitable chemistry can considerably extend the life and reliability of your equipment.

Desolder professionally with NO-CLEAN flux wicks

Desoldering braid makes an invaluable service at development or rework.

Even your PCBs can look professionally

Whether it´s a prototype or a whole production batch of PCBs, Kontakt PCC cleaner will manage any residues after soldering.

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  • top quality chemistry for electronics
  • many specialized products available
  • environmental-friendly products
Did you know?

Cleaning and maintenance sprays, protective coatings for PCBs, lubricating and protecting, all these products can be found in Kontakt Chemie portfolio. At the same time, among Kontakt Chemie products you can also find many special products. For example soldering flux, cleaners intended for fine and sensitive devices, antistatic and conductive coatings (EMI), cooling agent for a thermal fault location and many other.

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