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Manufacturer MARQUARDT
MARQUARDT is one of the most innovative developers and manufacturers of switches and switching systems with its history being dated from 1925/ Germany. Marquardt provides high quality, innovative switching products to the Global Automotive, Power Tool and Appliance Switch Markets.
  • company with a vast know-how in switches
  • long-term field-proven components
  • Marquardt components are widely used in global automotive companies
Did you know?
The Marquardt Group is a global player in the high technology switch manufacturing market, and it maintains its position by developing innovative switching solutions that exceed the quality and performance expectations of our customers. In the Marquardt portfolio you can find universal as well as customized switches like automotive gear selection switches, electronic steering locks and electronic switches for power tools.
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Why is Micro Switch called a micro switch ... MARQUARDT

Why is Micro Switch called a micro switch ...

Because it switches uAmps? Not really. It’s more common to switch several Amps. Because of its size? It is quite questionable what is considered big and what is already small. Then why so?

Gold medal for silver for Marquardt MARQUARDT

Gold medal for silver for Marquardt

Renowned German manufacturer optimizes the offer of preferred rocker switches.

Do You Have Your Pressure Under Control? MARQUARDT

Do You Have Your Pressure Under Control?

Analogue pressure sensors, the quality of which increases your blood pressure (from enthusiasm), but whose price reduces it (from satisfaction).

Why I believe in Marquardt Rocker Switches MARQUARDT

Why I believe in Marquardt Rocker Switches

When you need a rocker switch for your equipment, you have a big problem. There are many producers on the market and you do not know which one to choose.

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