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SOS calendar of interesting facts from history of technic - 21. week: Current from dry cell battery

SOS calendar of interesting facts from history of technic - 21. week: Current from dry cell battery

We’re flicking through the pages of SOS calendar 2017. Interesting fact from the history of technology for this week: Electric battery invented by Alessandro Volta has been technically advanced many times. Georges Leclanché pressed...

Make your Raspberry Pi unique

Make your Raspberry Pi unique

Beautiful and rigid aluminium enclosure RSP from Fischer elektronik will give your Raspberry Pi a great look as well as protection.

PCB´s Design - What about production technology of PCB? (part #4)

PCB´s Design - What about production technology of PCB? (part #4)

What about production technology of PCB, is it more valuable production either by etching or by milling? How to design and produce prototype?



A two-day conference for users, developers, manufacturers and system integrators of IQRF Ecosystem.

Long range radio modules that last for years on a battery? Yes, LoRaWAN!

With the new LoRa modulation technology, many important barriers for low power long range radio communication were destroyed. This technology promises high range combined with low power consumption, which is ideal for IoT applications.

SBC-A62-J, the low cost SBC for industrial use

Building on the UDOO success, SECO has developed the SBC-A62-J series of industrial SBC which shares some features with UDOO, adds new ones and guarantees long term availability. Series also includes versions for working ambient temperature range -40 to 85°C.

PCB´s Design - How to proceed with the PCBs testing (part #3)

An electronic device which includes a PCB may not operate, so it needs to be somehow revived - tested.

Why use Wiznet products for your next IoT project?

Security and reliability are two key parameters when talking about IoT. In comparison with any software based solution, Wiznet´s Hardwired TCP/IP technology provides the best possible performance and the highest security. Hardwired TCP/IP is unattackable, fast and reliable.

Embedded RJ45 connectors with integrated transformers

Take a look at your PCB. Which component stands out the most? I am sure it is not the huge connector RS3-21001D1A

LTE Antenna for demanding applications

More and more applications use LTE connection nowadays. To meet a strong market demand for LTE antennas, 2J released a 2JW0124, which is a high gain, universal antenna.

Bosch GSR 10,8-2 Li screwdriver now available also in a practical plastic box and with a 3-year warranty

The shortest screwdriver in its class is the best prove that a powerful tool can be made in a small size.


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