AK-NORD GmBH, Itzehoe/ Germany produces various server and interface modules to connect devices to networks. Production portfoloio contains device servers (WLAN, USB, ISDN), print servers, embedded LAN modules, industrial DIN-rail servers and other.

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Connect your things to internet by a miniature module from AK-NORD

If you need a reliable Industrial grade Ethernet module for your next IoT project in SMD package the XT-FEMTO-SXLfrom AK-NORD is a right choice for you.

Have your devices with serial interface under control through ethernet with AK-Nord interfaces

Serial to LAN or WLAN interfaces, known also as device servers are widely spread and favourite because of their ability to easily implement a device with serial port into a LAN or WLAN. New LAN and WLAN industrial DIN rail device servers AK-DinRail-XXL and AKDinRail-XXR provide this functions for devices with RS232 or RS485 interface and support all modern communication protocols and security functions.

Open the door for your device into the world of Ethernet via XT-Pico-USB

Using the XT-Pico-USB module you can in a simple way control your device through LAN, or your device can become available from any place in the net by a virtual USB interface.

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  • universally usable modules
  • easy implementation into a target device
  • small dimensions
Did you know?

In our offer from AK-NORD you can find mainly device servers interfacing TCP/IP protocol to RS232, I2C, SPI or USB.


in stock 10 pcs



TCP/IP <-> RS232, SPI, I2C Converter

Ord.number: 197160
Product info: S


1 pcs+ 42,8000 €

5 pcs+ 37,5000 €

25 pcs+ 32,6000 €

50 pcs+ 32,0000 €

in stock 34 pcs



TCP/IP <-> RS232, SPI, I2C Converter

Ord.number: 59400
Product info: S


1 pcs+ 48,9000 €

5 pcs+ 42,8000 €

25 pcs+ 37,3000 €

50 pcs+ 36,8000 €

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