180 Watt AC/DC Power Supplies for Industrial and Medical Applications by Traco Power

In this article, P. Kováč, SOS electronic product specialist, will introduce you to these 2 series of 180 W AC/DC converters by Traco Power. 

Advantages of AC/DC power supplies of TPI 180 and TPP 180 series by Traco Power:

• Compact modules in two basic versions: open frame/encased modules

• Suitable for industrial (TPI) and medical applications (TPP)

• Excellent thermal properties


General technical information

These two series from Traco Power belong to the family of encapsulated AC/DC power supplies, which are supplied as an open frame as well as encased versions.

The manufacturer ensures high reliability by using high-quality components and excellent thermal management. Thanks to this, the AC/DC power supplies of the TPI 180 and TPP 180 series are the ideal solution not only for the already mentioned industrial and medical devices but also for demanding safety as well as space-critical applications.

Conformity with the requirements for medical applications

Traco Power 180 W AC/DC converters are equipped with an amplified double I/O isolation system (3000 VAC) according to the latest medical safety standards 60601-1 3rd edition, 2 x MOPP. The leakage current is below 300 μA, which is why these AC/DC converters are suitable for BF (body floating) applications. Excellent efficiency of up to 94% allows high power density and compact design: 3 ”x 2” for the open frame and 3.6 ”x 2.44” for encased module versions.

Conformity with the requirements for industrial use

The operating temperature range goes from - 40 °C to + 85 °C with power reduction above 50 °C. When operating with natural ventilation, these power supplies deliver 150 W and with forced air cooling up to 180 W. In addition, they can deliver a peak power of up to 220 W for five seconds. The EMC characteristic is intended for industrial and medical applications.

180 Watt AC/DC Power Supplies for Industrial and Medical Applications by Traco Power

Key features and parameters of TPI 180 and TPP 180 Traco Power series of AC/DC power supplies:

  • High power-density: 180 Watt in 3”x2” or 3.6”x2.44” package
  • I/O isolation 3000 VAC rated for 250 VAC working voltage
  • Certification according to IEC/EN/ES 60601-1 3rd edition for 2 x MOPP
  • Risk management process according to ISO 14971 incl. risk management file
  • Acceptance criteria for electronic assemblies acc. to IPC-A-610 Level 3
  • Peak power operation up to 220 Watt for 5s
  • Operating temperature –40°C to 85°C
  • Active power factor correction >0.9
  • Operating up to 5000m altitude
  • 5-year product warranty

AC/DC power supplies of the TPI180 and TPP180 series from Traco Power have been included in our product range. Detailed technical information on individual Traco Power products can be found on our website.

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