Traco Power, a Swiss company, has 35 years of experience in producing high quality products for power conversion. It deals primarily with the production of various converters for industrial, IT, medical and railway applications. Traco offers converters with power range from just few watts up to several kW. 

TIM 3.5 is a range of small DC/DC converters designed for PCB mounting (24.3x14.4x10.5mm Compact DIP-16-package). It is clear from its name (TIM 3.5) that we are talking about regulated 3.5 Watt DC/DC converters and majority of them has an efficiency of more than 80%.

There is a wide range of input and output voltages, so the designers can choose the exact converter needed for their construction. Different converters have different voltage ranges with an insulation voltage of 5000 VACrms. The operating temperature is -40°C to +90°C, which is common with these converters.

TIM 3.5 series is usually used in industrial applications, where the emphasis is on trouble-free operation under demanding conditions. Minimum leakage currents (less than 2uA) and high insulation voltage predetermine these converters for the use in medical devices.

Reliable TRACO converters of the TIM 3.5 series can be found in our stock offer, available on request.

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