5 Weller stations in promo offer with 3 professional tools

Get professional cutting pliers, tweezers or a set of filters for free with the latest Weller products.

This is an archive article published 02/26/2020. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

Weller, a member of the Apex tool group, also has other related brands, for example, Erem - a well-known Swiss brand of high-end electronics tools.

That’s also the reason why Weller brings this promo offer, where you have a chance to try these professional tools - top-of-the-range Erem 522N cutting pliers, E7SA tweezers and a filter set.

At the same time, Weller has recently launched several new products that are available in promo sets for special prices valid until the end of March 2020 or while the stock lasts.

5 PROMO sets Weller:

WT1010 - soldering station with WTP90 (compatible with XNT series tips), including free Erem 522N cutting pliers and with a total discount of up to 15%.

WT1012 - soldering station with WSP80 handle (compatible with wide range LT tips), including Erem 522N cutting pliers and with a total discount of up to 17%.

WT2020M - soldering station with WMRT micro-handle (compatible with active tips) and WMRT desoldering tweezers, including Erem 522N cutting pliers for free, with up to 29% off.

WTHA1 - hot air station with Erem 522N cutting pliers and professional E7SA tweezers for free, with a total discount of up to 18%.

Zero Smog TL Kit - Fume extraction unit with a complete set of free replacement filters. The total discount of up to 16%.

Detailed info about soldering stations and other Weller’s products can be found in our articles

We are ready to help you with choosing the most suitable promo set WELLER at sales@soselectronic.com.

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Additional products

WT 1012 Promo + 522N (T0053440390) WELLER  
WT 1012 Promo + 522N (T0053440390)

WT1012 Set + Cutter 522N, 230V F/G

Soldering Stations

Ord. No.: 323113
Manufacturer: WELLER
No longer available

WTHA 1 Promo + 522N + E7SA (T0053173390) WELLER  
WTHA 1 Promo + 522N + E7SA (T0053173390)

WTHA 1 + Cutter 522N + E7SA tweezers, 230V F/G

Hot-air Stations

Ord. No.: 323119
Manufacturer: WELLER
No longer available

ZS TL KIT1 Promo + Filterset (FT91015691) WELLER  
ZS TL KIT1 Promo + Filterset (FT91015691)

Zero Smog TL KIT1 Promo + Free Extra Filterset, 230V F/G

Exhausting Machines

Ord. No.: 323121
Manufacturer: WELLER
in stock 3 pcs
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5 pcs+
1 059,20 €
1 037,70 €
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