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AC/DC Converters
Choose from our offer of 1 IMST products in the AC/DC Converters category. SOS electronic is an authorized distributor of IMST. Apart from the components delivery, we can also provide technical support directly from the manufacturer and samples needed for development.
IMST GmbH is the competence centre and professional development house for high-frequency circuits, wireless modules, and communication systems. Wireless Solutions is the core competence of IMST GmbH. IMST offers easy-to-integrate radio modules for licence-free frequency bands 169/433/868 MHz and 2.4 GHz, as well as comprehensive design services - from system specification to implementation of hardware and software. The company was founded in 1992 in Germany and currently has 145 employees.

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Manufacturer IMST
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AC/DC converters

An AC/DC converter, also known as voltage converter, is an electronic power supply that converts input alternating current AC (most commonly from the electrical grid) into output direct current DC with the desired magnitude. The voltage conversion from AC to DC is achieved through electronic circuits. The adjustment of the output voltage is done either linearly using a transformer with rectification, filtering, and stabilization, or through pulse-width modulation, where the input voltage is converted into high-frequency pulses using switching devices, transformed, rectified, and smoothed. Pulse-width modulated, or switched-mode, power supplies are characterized by higher efficiency and lower weight compared to linear power supplies with comparable power output. 

In the SOS electronic product range, you can find AC/DC converters from brands such as Tracopower, TDK-lambda, Myrra, Friwo, and others. 

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