Get 3x more with the FLIR C3-X thermal camera
You have certainly already heard of the new Flir C5 thermal camera. If not, learn more about it in our previous article.

The Flir C3-X and Flir C5 thermal cameras are quite similar. However, the C3-X has the most useful features while maintaining a very attractive price while significantly outperforming the older version, the C3.

Main features of the Flir C3-X thermal camera:

  • IR resolution 128x96 px (80x60 px for C3), 
  • instant image backup to Flir Image Cloud Ignite (1 GB free storage, software available on PC and mobile phones), 
  • 3,5” LCD (compared to C3, it features more space by 36 %), 
  • visual camera with 5 MPx resolution, 
  • double battery life of up to 4 hours
  • inserting notes and editing them in the gallery directly in the camera, 
  • built-in thread for a tripod, 
  • IP54 rating, 
  • measurement range -20 to +300 °C
  • withstands a fall from a height of 2 m.

Like its predecessors, the Flir C3-X infrared camera also includes the MSX function, with which you can combine images in the infrared and visible spectrum for easier identification.

Compared to some cheaper types of infrared thermal cameras on the market, the stored images are fully thermometric, i.e., the stored file carries information about the temperature of each pixel measured by the IR camera. You can then process them in the Flir Tools software.

Cloud Ignite lets you quickly and easily back up images and create and share reports directly from the measurement location.

We have included the Flir C3-X thermal camera in our stable stock range. It is a quality thermal camera at a reasonable price.

Get 3x more with the FLIR C3-X thermal camera

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