The current situation regarding Coronavirus is challenging for everyone. Disinfection of various everyday items is desirable and in many segments even inevitable. Therefore, we would like to remind you of the well-proven Kontakt IPA spray.

It is an alcohol spray suitable for cleaning of almost any object, and as it is very gentle, it’s safe to the absolute majority of plastics.
Moreover, the 99.7% isopropanol contained in this spray is also an excellent disinfectant. Isopropanol evaporates relatively quickly after application, but evaporation is somewhat slower compared to alcohol, which increases the duration of action and hence the disinfection efficiency.

The cleaning spray Kontakt IPA can be used on all common items such as work tools, keys, mobile phones, bags, car parts, PC keyboards, desks, etc. However, bear in mind that like any concentrated alcohol, Kontakt IPA is flammable, so the environment should be thoroughly ventilated, and it must not be applied on energized items.

The advantageous feature of Kontakt IPA is that it speeds up the drying of water. For example, objects which come into contact with water, either intentionally or accidentally, dry up much more quickly if the residual water, which is held mainly in various joints, openings, etc., is mixed with isopropanol.

IPA is like almost all Kontakt Chemie sprays propelled by CO2, and so it has a very high yield.

The cleaning spray Kontakt IPA can be found in our stable stock range while the stock lasts.

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