Visaton AMP 2.2 – the most straightforward way to connect a loudspeaker

If you´re solving a question how to drive a loudspeaker, when you don´t have an amplifier in your application, we have a solution for you.
This is an archive article published 01/11/2016. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.
Audio amplifier – usually one of the first projects which every beginning electro-enthusiast wants to try. LM3886, TDA 2030, 2020, the older ones also TDA810 or just some transistors ...

Do you recall the joy, when it started playing. Better can be perhaps only a simple AM radio receiver with a ferrite antenna :). Naturally, nowadays a single audio IC with a couple of components around is enough to make a full audio amplifier, even in a HiFi / High End class. A professional might remind, that it´s worth not to forget some input filter to eliminate overload caused by induced HF signals, to add a Boucherott cell on output, to split grounds (gnd) and connect them in one point, etc… At the end, however, to add a simple audio amplifier to a PCB usually makes no problem.

But if you don´t want or don´t have a room to add this end-stage to your PCB, or (and that´s probably the most frequent case) you need to add a loudspeaker to places where it wasn´t planned originally, then there´s probably nothing simpler, more comfortable and effective than to use a ready-made module Visaton AMP 2.2.

AMP 2.2 is a solid stereo amplifier is a solid stereo amplifier in a plastic enclosure with input and output via 3.5 mm jacks and with a DC 12V/1,1A power supply (adapter has to be bought separately). A potentiometer sets the output volume and that´s all. Output power 2x3,1W/5% from hat small enclosure is a decent value and for a real-life usage in small devices, kiosks etc it´s fully sufficient.

The amplifier has two flanges for easy mounting with screws. AMP 2.2 is available in two versions:
● AMP 2.2 – input sensitivity 60mV (for full conduction). SNR 61dB
● AMP 2.2 LN – version with a higher signal/noise ratio (SNR 81 dB) suitable for all common audio sources with sufficiently strong output signal. Input sensitivity 700mV (for full conduction).

In our stable stock offer can be found the AMP 2.2 LN version, as well as suitable power supply adaptors, for example NR120P150PGS/E+ .

AMP 2.2 LN is also suitable for driving the “diaphragm-free” loudspeakers Visaton Exciter, , if we don´t require maximum loudness possible to get from these loudspeakers.

Many otherr Visaton components are in our stable stock offer. In case of interest in non-stock types or even the loudspeaker kits, please contact us at

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Gain the Visaton AMP 2.2 LN for free!

Competition with the following question has been published here:

What´s the maximum current consumption (from adapter) of the AMP 2.2 LN amplifier?

The correct answer was: 1.1 A
We have drawn the following winners:
František Stříž [CZ]
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