Zero Smog EL – there´s no need to gamble with your health anymore

New affordable soldering fumes exhausting station from Weller will provide you clean air on your workplace.

This is an archive article published 06/22/2016. Some information may no longer be up to date and in line with the current state. Please contact us in case of interest.

The fact that fumes from soldering are not “too healthy” is probably obvious to everybody. Even without big studying of a chemical composition of a smoke arising at hand soldering, everybody who ever soldered knows, that a single breathe-in is enough to irritate us to coughing. The cause of fumes formation is mainly a flux exposed to a high temperature of a soldering tip. Besides a whole range of irritating gases, also dangerous small particles get to air. Their size is roughly 0.2-2.5 um, and they have a tendency to accumulate in lungs and the human body is able to eliminate them only with a big effort.

That´s why any air exchange on a workplace is always welcome. A good workplace ventilation is a big plus, however the key is to get fumes uprising at a soldering tip “away” from the range of an operator.

A simple solution is to use a table filter like for example ZD-953, which can take away majority of fumes and a carbon filter will clean the air partially. However such a solution has many disadvantages mainly because a thin filter used in these devices looses its efficiency very quickly and its absolutely unable to catch small dangerous micro-particles. Moreover this solution is quite noisy, that´s why this type of filters in suitable for developers and amateurs who solder only occasionally and for a short time.

Two solutions are usually usable for a professional usage:
• fumes extraction at a soldering tip – very effective, but it´s usually necessary to have a suitable adapter for various soldering tools you use
• so called “volume” fumes extraction, quite similar to a home vacuum cleaner :)

Volume extraction is the most universal solution independent on a type of a soldering station or tool. In contrast to a home vacuum cleaner the station doesn´t have to overcome so high aerodynamic resistance, that´s why the power and the noise in incomparably lower. The biggest advantage is the fact that the extraction station placed next to a table is big enough to allow usage of big and sufficiently efficient filters usually consisting of two stages.

A pleasant novelty for everyone who cares for its health is the fumes extraction station Zero Smog EL, representing currently the most economical solution from company Weller. Despite a price affordability, the station is fully comparable to more expensive types and uses a top class brushless EC fan (turbine). Zero Smog EL is a complete set including extraction hose and a nose able to clean up to 150 m3 of air per hour. A great feature is a possibility to set the power of a station in 4 levels. After a period of usage a logical question may arise – is it already necessary to exchange a filter or not yet? No problem – the station monitors pressure difference on the input/output of the filter and if necessary indicates the necessity of filter exchange itself.
Zero Smog EL is supplied a set for 1 workplace but separately it´s possible to buy another hose and arm for work at two workplaces at once.
Zero Smog EL can be found in our standard stock offer.
In case of interest even in non-stock types, please contact us at


Weller fume extraction stations offer easy-to-use solution for professional soldering.

Advantages/ Features:

  • complete portable station for soldering fumes extraction
  • extraction from up to 2 workplace
  • large HEPA H13 FILTER with a longer lifetime
  • 4 speed levels
  • simple installation
  • filter monitoring and alarm
  • energy efficient brushless EC fan

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Main products

Zero Smog EL Kit 1 (FT91012699N) WELLER  
Zero Smog EL Kit 1 (FT91012699N)

Complete Fume Extraction Kit 230V 150m3/h

Exhausting Machines

Ord. No.: 213060
Manufacturer: WELLER
in stock 2 pcs
1 pcs+
5 pcs+
725,90 €
711,10 €
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Additional products

T0058762701   H13 EPA (T0058762701) WELLER
in stock 2 pcs

T0058762701 H13 EPA (T0058762701)

Accessories and Spare Parts for Soldering tools

Compact H13 EPA + 10x M5 Filter for WFE2ES Zero Smog EL

Ord.number: 91091


1 pcs+ 133,90 €

5 pcs+ 131,20 €

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T0058762703 Fine dust filter M5 (T0058762703) WELLER
in stock 1 pcs

T0058762703 Fine dust filter M5 (T0058762703)

Exhausting Machines

Set of 10 pcs pre-filters for WFE 2ES/CS, Zero Smog 2, Zero Smog EL

Ord.number: 177344


1 pcs+ 45,60 €

5 pcs+ 44,70 €

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