By introducing the WE 1010 soldering station on the market, Weller sets a level of Features/ Price ratio really high. No wonder, as buying a quality 70W station for less than 150 Euros is not very common.

We presented the soldering set WE1010 with detailed description recently in our article - Weller Soldering Station for Less Than 150 Eur?

The latest WE 1010 set is also available in so-called Educational kit that, besides the usual WE 1010 kit, also contains the following:

-modern soldering wire WSW SCN M1 in diameter 0,8mm/100g
-top class cutting pliers Weller Xcellite 170MN
ET B (2,4mm) soldering tip.

WSW solder with nickel and micro alloying additives has an excellent wetting capability and is very gentle to soldering tips, thus contributes to their long lifetime.

Among the products of Weller (APEX group) we can also find Xcellite pliers that are known for their quality for decades. Namely, Xcellite 170MN are low profile, general purpose cutters, requiring only a small force of the operator and they are ESD safe.

In result, WE 1010 Educational kit offers the attractive possibility to try (together with a new station) also a modern solder wire, top quality cutting pliers and to have one 2.4mm extra for relatively bigger joints (WE 1010 is in the basic set delivered with one ET A tip).

The cost-effective set, WE1010 Education kit, is now in our standard stock offer and we are sure that it will find its use in many of your workplaces.

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