WELLER, a brand of Apex Tool Group, with history dating from 1959 Besigheim/ Germany, is one of the most famous brands producing top quality soldering equipment and accessories. We can find Weller products in professional workplaces of many global producers.

Manufacturer's articles

Zero Smog EL – there´s no need to gamble with your health anymore

New affordable soldering fumes exhausting station from Weller will provide you clean air on your workplace.

Connect the right tool to your „WX“

Did you know that soldering stations of Weller WX series support various tools suitable for the finest work but also powerful types suitable for big joints?

Top-level Weller soldering stations for even better prices

Now even you can afford the best, what´s available on the field of soldering and service.

WXR3031 rework station will replace you three devices

Soldering, deslodering, hot-air works but also a record of your work in a PC – this is the Weller WXR 3031.

SOS cinema

Weller WX2

Uploaded on server: 08.12.2011

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Weller WXD series

Uploaded on server: 05.12.2012

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Weller Tip Activator

Uploaded on server: 15.01.2013

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SOS webinar: Mastership in soldering

Uploaded on server: 24.06.2014

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Weller 3 heating technologies

Uploaded on server: 24.06.2014

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Weller Traceability with WX Soldering Station

Uploaded on server: 24.06.2014

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Weller WXD 2 2-Channel Soldering & Desoldering Station

Uploaded on server: 24.06.2014

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Weller WSD81i soldering station

Uploaded on server: 10.10.2014

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Weller WXR3 rework station

Uploaded on server: 16.07.2015

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Weller - why fume extraction?

Uploaded on server: 02.05.2016

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  • top quality soldering equipment
  • excellent soldering properties and reliability
Did you know?

Among Weller products we can find soldering and desoldering stations, accessories, dispensers, fume extractors, precise electronic screwdrivers and many hand tools used in electronics. Weller soldering and desoldering stations are known for their high reliability, very good ergonomics, precise temperature adjustment and other excellent features, including low power consumption thanks to the use of standby modes.


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Soldering Tips


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Soldering Tips

Soldering tip WELLER

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